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Configurable Dashboard Flags

Ability to configure different flags for different types of members, based on allergies, conditions etc. The dashboard should make it clear what each flag represents.

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  • Sep 24 2020
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    19 Jul, 2023 03:49pm

    Requested by Prince William County Department of Parks Recreation and Tourism as well. We are looking to flag inclusion, IEP requests, etc. and having these be able to be differentiated from accounts flagged for medical reasons, etc. would make them easier to identify and be reviewed by appropriate staff. If the colors must be standard across the platform that is ok provided they can be different for different purposes but ideally each organization can set the colors they would like to use for the each item they want to flag.

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    27 Oct, 2022 08:03pm

    Requested by Town of Snowmass

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    26 Oct, 2022 03:43pm

    Ann Arbour Public Schools request

    Problem to solve: we want our instructors to take photos in their classes, but be able to know who they can and cannot photograph without having to look up each individual record for all of their classes if possible.

    Suggestion: configurable alert/flag that would appear next to the child's name on the CICO sheets to indicate to instructors that they cannot photograph particular children?